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About us

Raised in the magical city of Istanbul, Sheiqha’s Designer, Efsun Ibrahim’s interest in modest fashion and headwear grew when she moved to Singapore in 2012. Fashion influencers and bloggers around the world that started using headwear and turbans from the United Kingdom to Indonesia, Kuwait as well as Malaysia inspired her to experiment different looks on herself and apply it to her day-to-day outfits.

It did not take her a long time to face the challenges of creating looks with head wraps as they were time consuming and often needed the aid of pins. Settling for subtle styles that came with ready-made turbans in the market was not an option either. That is when she started to gather insights of creating a brand that would overcome these challenges and disregard the struggles of head wrapping whilst aspiring to promote every individual’s creativity.

After 2 years of perfecting the turban design, in 2015, Sheiqha was established and today it is a premium turban fashion line that design practical yet elegant way of wearing turbans for today’s contemporary women, aiming to help you achieve that daring & eye-catching look that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Because we believe that you should never compromise on expressing your uniqueness and creativity.

So go on, wear it with style, wear it with SHEIQHA!